Executive Summary

UniBou is a one-stop fashion shop committed to evolving with current trends and setting new trends in all areas of fashion. UniBou will serve their customers with quality products, advice, and information in all five areas of the human senses. We will provide a sassy and entertaining perspective on fashion, gossip, aromas, music, and food. We will also maintain a fair and creative work environment with cultural sensitivity and respect to diversity. 

Mission Statement

UniBou is committed to introducing, designing, marketing, and providing aspirational apparel for the sexy sophisticated woman. UniBou strives to stay fashion forward with fierce high fashion garments at a conservative price for the glamouristas of today and tomorrow. 

Vision Statement

At UniBou, our vision is to become the new RED in the fashion industry. We will become your edgy bespoke consultant for what to wear, what to hear, what to smell, what to eat, and who to tell off. 

Value Statement UniBou

Our employees will have an internal value system that is comprised of honesty, integrity, selflessness, and diplomacy. As a group, our employees will seek responsibility and accept responsibility for their action. They will maintain a positive attitude and promote a health work environment. Our employees will support each other while balancing personal and work needs. Our customers will benefit from the UniBou code of conduct. 

U-unique: Our staff will develop unique ways to better serve our customer

N-noble: Our staff will deliver noble service to our customer 

I-innovative: Our staff will remain innovative and always embrace change        

B-benevolent: Our staff will exist to help others become what they desire

O-observant: Our staff will remain observant when identifying customer needs   

U-utopian: Our Staff will be value-based visionaries in the pursuit of fashion supremacy