We will go through your entire wardrobe (everything can be over-seen), weeding out old, inappropriate clothes; creating new outfits with existing colors; suggesting alterations and updates and generally organizing your closet. I have the skills to take undesirable garments and suggest improvements in style, color, fabric and quality. 

 Process takes about 2-4 hours

Season: Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer

Create four (4) piles: Yes, Charity, Alterations/Cleaners, Storage


Accessory Analysis – We will go through every piece of jewelry you have. Then examine and match your jewelry to your wardrobe. This will help us discard, donate or fix all items.

Closet Shopping – This task was created during our closet audit. We now have a list of things needed   to complete your new wardrobe. We will set a date to go to the stores and shop for the things on the list. On our day of shopping I will need you to bring certain items to help us in our purchases.

Tailoring/Alterations - I may also, take the garments that need alterations to  the cleansers.

EBay Store/Charities – For garments that you may not want, I can help you sell  them on Ebay and/or I can take the discarded clothes and donate them to your charity of choice.