Myth: match match match

Always Match Your Shoes With Your Belt, or Your Purse...

This myth has pretty much gone by the wayside and really nobody bothers to adhere to it anymore. The fact is that there are just too many cute shoes out there to worry about finding a matching belt (or purse) to go with each. Shoes, belts and purses can be statement pieces in an outfit, and it could look a bit garish if you tried to match all of your accessories to a boldly colored pair of heels. And, most importantly, you wouldn't want to forego buying that amazing pair of shoes just because there isn't a belt to match.

The trick is to find hues in the same color family. So if you have a magenta-colored purse and a print dress with a tiny bit of red or pink in it, red shoes that have a touch of pink in them may be the perfect compliment. Trying putting a few colors together and see what combinations work best together. For instance, putting yellow and green together may not be the best color match, but it all depends how light or dark the shade is and the outfit you're pairing it with. The general rule is to make sure you don't come off too colorful, like a parrot in heels.