Myth: Sequins and Sparkles are for evening wear only


Most people worry that wearing sparkle during the daytime may look like they never made it home the night before. And to be honest, it could seem that way if you were to overdo it - say, wearing a sequined mini dress to a board meeting. Trust us: Wearing a blazer over a sequined dress will not tone it down. But there are some easy ways you can pull off the glitz in the daytime.

For work, take it down a notch by putting a sparkly top under a cardigan or jacket. You can also choose tops with just a sprinkle of beads at the neckline. When you're not at work, you have a little more leeway. Try pairing a full-on beaded top with jeans or pants, which help make the look a little more casual. The same goes for a sequined skirt when you're off the clock. You can pair the skirt with a structured tank top for an effortless look.