Myth: short women, long dresses

Short Women Should Never Wear Long Dresses

This myth is based on the idea that showing some leg usually with a mini-dress or mini-skirt helps to visually elongate your body. But that doesn't mean that those on the short side need to forego long dresses. Long dresses, tea-length dresses not to mention pencil skirts that reach down below the knees can be a sophisticated look you won't want to pass up because of your height.

Consider pairing a long dress with some wedge sandals to give you a few extra inches, or pulling your hair up to make your neck look longer. You should also select long dresses that help to lengthen the eye through fit and color. That means you'll want to steer clear from a long dress with a large pattern that could overwhelm a smaller frame and go for a solid or small print dress instead. You should also look for a dress that plays up a long leg-to-waist proportion instead of a dress that has any funky banding above or below the waist, which can visually cut your body line in half. But most importantly, stand up straight!