Our consultation (in-person or virtually) will start by a series of questions to help understand your style goal(s) in defining what will make you unique. This is the first step to developing your individual image and style that truly defines the core of you! And do not be surprised to find out you have more than one image! I do!

Full Service Image Consulting and Fashion Styling

Expertise in tailoring lifestyle & personality to a specified image

Color analysis -This includes draping you with colored fabrics and carefully diagnosing the best colors to suit your skin, hair and eye tone. A reference booklet, fan of either silk-screened or fabric color swatches will be available to view. We will know your colors by the season we’re in, since your skin tones do change per season.

Appraisal of body/face shape & proportion

Make-up & Hair Analysis – Seeing a face enhanced with even a “little” make-up can be most rewarding. We will speak about your preferences and personal taste. The test is the amount of change you can actually make at one time, compared to the amount of change you think you can handle.

Photo Shoots – Help create looks, and make sure that you match the ambiance of your photo shoots.

Lastly but not the end, your style personality type will be defined and analyzed to ensure that you make fashion choices in the future, and develop a fabulous wardrobe for your unique image and lifestyle.