Is for people who have little time to shop, don’t have a desire to shop, and yet are interested in a unique look. As your personal shopper I will make recommendations to you and fulfill your needs on a seasonal and ongoing basis. I have the expertise to buy the perfect fit, fabric and style personality that matches you. I may shop for outfits for interviews, dates, weight loss or gain, maternity wear, wedding parties, physical challenges, resort and business travel, graduations, debutante balls, beauty pageants, media events and tours, evening wear, theme wear, swim wear, holidays, special occasions and to buy gifts (a minimum of 3 to 4 hours). A prior meeting with you is required to identify your primary and secondary wardrobe needs and objectives. You will have the option of shopping together at designated stores based on your budget, style and body type, or I will be happy to pre-shop for you.

Seasonal update shopping is also available to keep your working wardrobe up-to-date and to add unique and special pieces.